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Colored Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes

dark eyes If you have dark colored eyes you can still change them with colored contact lenses made especially for dark eyes. As technology evolves, more consumer choices are available. Now there are two ways to change the color of dark eyes.

The first is enhancement lenses, which is the type that most colored contact lens wearers use. They simply enhance the color you already have, bringing out the highlights you wish. If you have brown eyes, you will be able to get enhancement lenses that bring out the gold or copper in them. Enhancement lenses can only work with the color you already have so their use is limited for dark eyes, but may be just what you're looking for.

The second choice is to buy opaque lenses. These completely cover the color of your eyes so that you can choose any color you like. These are very different from enhancement lenses because they don't allow any of your original color to show through. Changing from dark brown to light blue is no problem!

Some lenses for dark eyes look more natural than others so examine them closely. A dark limbal ring on the outside edge is seen in nature and helps set off the eye color. In other lenses, the colors fade slowly from the center out or have slightly different colored rays that are blended to look more natural.

Natural may not be what you're looking for, though. There are opaque lenses for dark eyes that will catch the attention of everyone. From tiger green to turquoise and from copper to silver, these contact lenses are downright fun! Be careful when choosing novelty lenses, though, as some that show up are not approved for sale in the U.S. and may damage your eyes. Oversized lenses in particular should be avoided.

The FDA requires a prescription before you can buy legal and safe contact lenses of any kind, whether they are meant to correct vision or not, so don't skip that step and you will be safe.
 For Dark Eyes
dark eyes
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